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Whether you're a private client, a business or an artist, my aim is to help you reach your creative goals through photography, words or by combining them in a campaign. My biggest asset is how I communicate with people. I'm open to whatever you have to say and I listen. Carefully.

I'm a creative photographer with a classical touch. I can think outside the box, creating images that take your mind for a spin, but I'm also a huge fan of taking black and white, timeless photos with a hint of elegance.


I look at people, like I look at situations. From all angles.

And when I find the best one: I shoot. You score. This is how I Shoot - You Score was born. I wanted to have a business, offering photography services in Vienna, focusing on all the different angles a person or a company could be presented in. I specialise in portrait photography, product photography and architectural photography.  

I probably started playing with words sooner than toys. Books became my friends at a very early age. Finding beauty in products and services requires imagination. That I have plenty of. Together with decent vocabulary, creative thinking and a sense of humour, they're just enough to make people look or read twice. Should you find yourself reading this again, you know where to find me. I look forward to hearing about your project at ishoot-youscore.

I am based in Vienna, Austria but I am available for bookings worldwide. 

Should you be interested in my illustrations or need something drawn or written for a special occasion, I'd love to invite you to take a look at my other website



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